Vecoplan на выставке в Кла́генфурте (Австрия): оптимальный процесс измельчения и подачи материала

Powerful and efficient

At the International timber trade fair in Klagenfurt, the trade fair for forestry, sawing, wood construction, carpentry and hunting, which will be held from 29 August until 01 September 2018, Vecoplan AG will present in hall O1, stand DO2, machines and systems with which primary and secondary raw materials can be shredded, conveyed and processed. Vecoplan not only appeals to companies in the wood and recycling industry, but also offers future oriented solutions for wood processing companies.

Vecoplan designs, builds and produces disposal technology for the primary industry, and in Klagenfurt from its product portfolio it will present the Drum Chipper VTH 65/20/3 which is suitable for this application. These wood shredders are characterised by their enormous throughput capacity. They are stationary machines with a horizontal feed unit. They are designed with a high speed chipping blade rotor that shreds short or long waste wood which is free from foreign bodies from the cutting and wood processing industry. Operators use these efficient systems to produce, for example, fuel chips for energy production or quality wood chips for the cellulose industry. The drum chippers have also proven themselves time and again in the shredding of biomass and produce homogeneous quality wood chips from trunks, bark and logs.

The Drum Chipper VTH 65/20/3 is characterised by their enormous throughput capacity

Vecoplan is not only a specialist in the design and production of woodworking machinery and equipment, but also offers solutions for the entire value chain. Vecoplan has developed versatile technologies for upstream and downstream processes such as the storage, conveying and dosing of a wide variety of materials. In addition to the classic conveyor belt, scraper chain conveyors, screw conveyors and chain conveyors, the VecoBelt tubular belt conveyor from Vecoplan is a particularly economical and efficient solution for material handling. The VecoBelt tubular belt conveyor is ideal for horizontally or slightly inclined conveying of bulk material over long distances. The conveyor belt slides on an air cushion in a closed steel tube.

Operators use these efficient systems to produce, for example, fuel chips for energy production or quality wood chips for the cellulose industry

Vecoplan® AG is a leading manufacturer of machines and systems for the resources and recycling industry for shredding, conveying and reprocessing wood, biomass, plastics, paper and other recyclable materials such as domestic and industrial waste. Vecoplan® develops and manufactures the systems and components, and sells them worldwide in the wood reprocessing and waste processing industries. It currently has around 380 employees at its locations in Germany, the USA, Great Britain and Spain. 



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