Новый хозяин у компании A-Punkt Automation GmbH


Пресс-релиз компании HandtmannGroup

Biberach,12thSeptember2017–The Handtmann Groupof Companies has soldHandtmann A-Punkt AutomationGmbH and the foreigncompanies belonging tothe divisionin the USA, Russiaand China to the currentManagingDirectorArmin Walther,within the frameworkof amanagement buyout. Theworkforce was informedof thistoday at an employeemeeting atthe corporatesite in Baienfurt.Thestrategic stepisintended to giveA-PunktAutomation GmbH the best chance torecordpositiveeconomicdevelopmentand therefore to secure thelong-term existence ofthiscompany.

The basisofthis carefully considered decision wasthegreat deal oftrustin Armin Waltheras a personas well as inthe convincing concept forthe futureorientation ofthe company which he presented. It is basedon measuressuchas a focuson thecore business. Handtmann A-PunktAutomation GmbH has been oneofthe world’sleadingmanufacturersof 5-axis HSC/HPCmachining centres for almost30years.

A-Punkt Automation GmbH will be able torespond more decisively tomarketrequirementsin the future

Due to the separation fromthe Handtmann Group ofCompanies, A-Punkt Automation GmbH will be abletooperate withmore agility than before,in an intensively competitiveand dynamicenvironment.

“Withthe sale,we would liketogivethe companytheopportunity tostartonthepath toa successful future, thussecuring jobsin the long term. A-Punkt Automation GmbH has asoundoperational and economic basisto enable ittoface the challengesahead. The Handtmann family and the Handtmann Groupof Companieswish ArminWaltherand his teamallthe bestand every success,” explained Thomas Handtmann,Managing Directorof AlbertHandtmann Holding GmbH&Co. KG.

Experiencein companymanagement and development

ArminWalther joined the companyon 15th April this year andbecame Managing Directorof Handtmann A-PunktAutomationGmbH on1stJune 2017.For20 years, he has been employed inmanagerial rolesbyglobalcompaniesand worldmarket leadersin the fieldof surfacefinishing andmachinetools,13 yearsof whichas aManagingDirector.Waltherboastsmany yearsof experience in the developmentandmanufactureof complexproductionsystemsandcapital goods,with establishing global customer relationships in awide varietyofindustriesandin themanagementanddevelopmentofcompanieswithinternational sites.

A-Punkt Automation GmbH will continuetoproduce5-axis HSC/HPCmachining centresinBaienfurt inthe future aswell (Photo: Handtmann Group ofCompanies)


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