Встреча пионеров промышленности предлагает Вашему вниманию специалистов-практиков в области искусственного интеллекта и машинного обучения

Industrial Pioneers Summit offers AI and ML for practitioners

On 22 April, the Industrial Pioneers Summit will shine a spotlight on artificial intelligence and machine learning in industry. Auto ML, voice control, edge and quantum computing are also on the agenda.

Hannover, Germany. Artificial intelligence (KI) and Machine Learning (ML) in mechanical and plant engineering offer enormous potential for manufacturers. That is the topic of the Industrial Pioneers Summit on 22 April 2020 within the framework of HANNOVER MESSE, with industrial production at the heart of the conference program.

That is why the Industrial Pioneers Summit is bringing together the masterminds and implementers of AI and ML in the industrial sphere – practitioners who will report on their projects. The topics include Small Data vs. Big Data, Edge and/or Cloud, voice control for machines, AI and ML in special-purpose mechanical engineering, quantum computing and Auto ML for mechanical engineering. The speakers will include young entrepreneurs like Theo Steininger from Erium or Jascha Stein from Omnibot, who has Alexa’s ex-head developer Jeff Adams on board. Other speakers include representatives from ABB, Dassault Systèmes, Fujitsu, Rittal and Weidmüller. The meeting will be scientifically supported by Dr. Toby Walsh from UNSW Australia – a leading light in AI and ML research.

“We’re not aiming to analyze AI or ML in their scientific or mathematical components. We’re not focusing on formulas, statistics or algorithms. Instead, we prefer to discuss applications and technologies with representatives of industry, while working to demystify AI and ML,” explains Hubertus von Monschaw, Global Director of Automation, Motion & Drives and Digital Ecosystems within the framework of HANNOVER MESSE, adding: “We’re focusing on AI and ML because in five years, it will be a necessary step if companies are to remain successful.”

Link to program: www.hannovermesse.de/en/industrial-pioneers-summit 

HANNOVER MESSE is the world’s leading trade fair for industrial technology. With its lead theme of “Industrial Transformation”, it provides a detailed picture of the latest topics in industry, including Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence, 5G and Smart Logistics. The display sectors consist of Future Hub, Automation, Motion & Drives, Digital Ecosystems, Energy Solutions, Logistics and Engineered Parts & Solutions. More than 80 conferences and forums round off the program. The next edition of HANNOVER MESSE takes place from 20 to 24 April 2020 in Hannover, Germany, with Indonesia starring as the Partner Country.



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