Введение в процесс рисования: загрузите нашу техническую документацию

Painting process intro: download our white paper. Why attend the Italian Finishing School? The place where the future of finishing takes shape: IFS is held at our LAB

Why attend the Italian Finishing School 2020?

The place where the future of finishing takes shape: Italian Finishing School is held at Cefla LAB, the world’s largest finishing laboratory.

International Meeting point:
Customers, lacquer and coating suppliers take part to test new coating solutions, experimenting new techniques and obtaining industrial results for the technologies which will be offered to the market.

Learning from the best:
Topics are addressed by experts and product specialists, each of whom are highly specialised in one single technology.
You have the best opportunity to improve your internal Know How about finishing technologies. IFS is a chance to share experiences and examine the following processes:

  • sanding
  • roller-coating
  • spray-coating
  • drying
  • digital printing

Download our Paiting Process white Paper

Italian Finishing School 2020
April, 20-24, 2020


Confirm your participation at IFS 2020

Cefla, Via Selice Provinciale, 23/A, Imola, Italy 40026, Italy, 39 0542 653111



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