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Cefla Live Global: Last call

Innovations set to reach the market in 2021 will be presented at our Cefla Live Global event in June.

Only a few days now till the start of Cefla Live Global 2021 on June 7.

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There’s a front-row seat for you if you intend following our online webinars in 8 different languages, but if you intend participating in person at our facilities in Tianjin, China or in Charlotte (USA), these events start on June 8 and 9 respectively. Cefla Live Global is the best way to discover all the latest innovations that we have developed and will be releasing in 2021.

Geared to bring you extra efficiency, more sustainability and better business, they range from spray coating solutions to vacuum coating techniques, a new inert curing oven plus more from the world of digital printing.

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