393 компании соберутся виртуально на японской международной выставке станков и инструмента JIMTOF 2020

393 Companies Virtually Gather at JIMTOF 2020 Online. Biannual JIMTOF (Japan International Machine Tool Fair) will be Held Online, Showcasing Latest Information and Trends of Machine Tool and Other Equipment.

JIMTOF 2020 Online (organized by Japan Machine Tool Builders’ Association and Tokyo Big Sight Inc.) will be held online for 12 days from November 16th (Mon) to November 27th (Fri), 2020. 393 companies (369 domestic companies and 24 overseas companies) from 8 countries and regions around the world have been decided as exhibitors, and we have released a list of exhibitors.

JIMTOF 2020 Online is the on-line exhibition showcasing cutting edge machine tools and other related equipment and technologies around the world. As such, JIMTOF 2020 Online serves as an ideal venue for collection and exchange of advanced information related to machine tool. New products and technologies will be presented through video streaming, catalogues and other resources posted online, and visitors of JIMTOF 2020 Online can freely access this information anytime from anywhere during the exhibition.

In addition, advanced seminars focused on specific topics and special seminars for students will be hosted by the organizers and available online during JIMTOF 2020 Online.

Registration for JIMTOF 2020 Online will start in early November.

JIMTOF is one of the largest exhibitions for machine tools, showcasing latest machine tools and related technologies and products around the world. JIMTOF is a biannual exhibition with over 50 years of history since 1962. In every JIMTOF, exhibitors presented their latest products and technologies in a wide range of field including machine tools, forging machines, mechanical tools, diamond and CBN tools, grinding wheels and abrasives, gears and gear equipment, oil hydraulic, water hydraulic and pneumatic machinery, precision measurement tools, optical measurement tools, testing equipment and CAD/CAM among others. JIMTOF is well-known for its depth and width of information about machine tools used in the manufacturing sector.

The 30th JIMTOF (JIMTOF 2020), originally scheduled in December 2020, has been cancelled due to the logistic difficulties caused by the postponement of 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. However, in response to requests from exhibitors to create an opportunity to launch new products and conduct business talks, it was decided that JIMTOF 2020 Online is held on-line.



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