73-я Международная техническая выставка в Пловдиве (Болгария) пройдет 25-30 сентября 2017

73-th international technical fair in BULGARIA

25-30 September 2017, International fair Plovdiv

The  International technical fair in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, is among the most prestigious business forums for investment goods and technology in South-Eastern  Europe. In his 73-th  edition leading companies will participate from nearly 40 countries.

 A main focus of international technical fair is the presentation of the innovation of the most modern areas of the business activities. It has established itself as the most prestigious technological meeting on the Balkan Peninsula.

 It shows the achievements of world leaders within 11 specialized exhibitions:

-AUTOWORLD Plovdiv-International exhibition for automotive

- AQUATECH-international exhibition for water management and technology

-AUTOTECH-international exhibition of transport and equipment

-ELTECH-international exhibition of electronics and electrical engineering

-ENEKO -international exhibition for energy and ecology

 - INFOTECH-international exhibition of information technology

 - MACHINEBUILDING – international exhibition of  technologies  and equipment for mechanical engineering

 -INTERMIN Expo-international exhibition for the mining industry

 -STROYTECH-international exhibition of building materials,  machines and technologies

-ROBOHITECH-international exhibition of robots and robotic systems

-CHEMICAL INDUSTRY – international exhibition for chemical industry

Companies operating in more than 100 industry branches, have an excellent marketing platform for demonstrating the technology, machinery, materials, equipment, products and services in front of more than 40 000 visitors from Bulgaria and Europe. 87.6% of them were specialists, and 47%-representatives of senior and middle management. High-tech and new types of business are the focus of the oldest and largest trade fair   in Bulgaria. This expands the possibilities for expression of the company leaders, cutting-edge companies, young inventors and entrepreneurs to a wide audience.

Data from the polls show a sustainable trend for increasing the interest of exhibitors at the business forum. This is the result from the innovations that continuously enriches his program.

One example is the exhibition for robots and robotic systems ROBOHITECH, launched with great success in 2016.

For the first time in STROYTECH – section for infrastructure projects

The exhibition pays special attention to the segment of the construction industry associated with  the implementation of infrastructure projects for roads, environmental projects, water treatment plants. The presentation of heavy machinery is also increased.

DEMO ZONE - Companies, offering construction machinery can show how those work and what their advantages are in a designated demonstration zone.

 The most attractive is the exhibition AUTOWORLD, known for its latest models of cars of world producers.  A rich range of buses, vans, trucks, campers and caravans is displayed to the attention of the visitors.

Spare parts, garage and workshop equipment, facilities and products for gas stations are available at AUTOTECH.

 Largest and most preferred by visitors are professionals and mechanical engineering STROJTECH and MACHINE BUILDING, since they give a full picture of developments in both industries.

STROJTECH presents both classic products for industry and heavy construction machinery, energy-saving systems, structures for various types of buildings. MACHINEBUILDING demonstrates the products created with classic and Nano-technologies.

The most dynamically developing exhibitions are AQUATECH, ELTECH, and ENEKO.  Great is the interest and to the exhibitions INFOTECH, INTERMIN Expo and CHEMISTRY.

The ACCOMPANYING PROGRAMME includes conferences, seminars, presentations and meetings, focused on innovation, investment, international cooperation, energy efficiency and environmental projects. It provides additional opportunities for networking and partnerships.

 Participation in international technical fair can be combined with an exciting introduction to the ATTRACTIVE Plovdiv, which will be the European capital of culture in 2019. He was named the oldest living city in Europe because of its history of eight millennia, whose traces are preserved in the historical area. Plovdiv is rated third in the "top 10 most beautiful ancient cities in the world." The fair guests can take a dip in the artistic atmosphere of the city, as it is held at the same time the autumn Salon of the arts, which included many exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events.



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