Bioenergy Europe приглашает принять участие в вебинаре, посвященном соответствию биомассы устойчивым критериям REDII

Bioenergy Europe is pleased to invite you to our upcoming Public Webinars:

Public Workshop REDII (Revision of the Renewable Energy Directive) Biomass Sustainability Compliance (online)

21 October, 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST)

Starting July 2021, the Renewable Energy Directive must be transposed in the Member States legislation, signifying the necessity for EU biomass and bioenergy producers to demonstrate compliance with the sustainability requirements in the coming months. Today, the transposition and implementation of the Directive on national level remains unclear in most EU countries, leading to a great lack of information and uncertainty for the European bioenergy market players.

To shed the light on the complex situation that the European bioenergy industry is currently facing, Bioenergy Europe together with Bioenergy International magazine are hosting a free webinar on the 21st of October (14:00 16:00 CEST).

Programme at a glance:

+ REDII sustainability requirements for solid biomass;

+ Implementation among the different member states;

+ Paths to demonstrate compliance with the REDII sustainability requirements.

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Public Webinar Energy Intensive Industry: Using Biomass to Reach Carbon Neutrality by 2050 (online)

26 October, 14:00 - 16:00 (CEST)

The decarbonisation of the Energy Intensive Industry (EII), which is a substantial European CO2 emitter, can offer a significant contribution to the European climate ambitions. In this context, Bioenergy Europe organises a free webinar to inform the industry about how bioenergy can contribute to the decarbonisation efforts of energy-intensive industrial sectors like steel, cement, glass, chemicals, fertilizers, etc.

Programme at a glance:

Bioenergy's contribution to the decarbonisation of EEI;

+ Insights on political/regulatory, technical, supply, and financial aspects of biomass usage;

+ Debates in small virtual groups with the support of key experts.

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Please note these events are directed to companies, however, other entities are welcome at the discretion of Bioenergy Europe. Should you like to participate or for any other inquiries, please get in touch with Francisco Lourenco Matias.

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