Cefla Finishing - лидер самых лучших технологий обработки поверхностей

Surface Enhancement Technology Leader

Cefla Finishing belongs to the Cefla Group and is the world’s leading solutions provider for coating and digital printing technologies to the wood, wood-derivative, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, fibre cement and composite material finishing industries. 

That much is undisputed. 

While recent global events have altered our concepts of certainty, we aim to build back better on solid foundations: our identity, our Cefla Finishing uniqueness.

Cefla Finishing: excellence in numbers

However, we’re always looking to the future.

Customers who choose Cefla Finishing machines and plants do so because of the values by which we do business and the way we build rewarding relationships.

Always by your side

Cefla Finishing also has an unmatched organization and a far-reaching distribution network that covers, in terms of both production and sales, all the key international markets.

Many faces, one mindset, more solutions.

What does this mean?

We’ve decided we want our people - our faces- to ‘be there’ for our customers and, through a shared mindset, meet shared goals. We’ve chosen to do business in a way that ensures sustainability, innovation and quality. Ever since 1970, the year we registered our first patent, we’ve been providing the coating and digital printing industry with unrivalled technology.

Today we aim to illustrate what Cefla Finishing is all about, using the words and images that tell the story.


Cefla Headquarter, Via Bicocca, 14/a, Imola, Bologna 40026, Italia, +39 0542653441



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