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Many Faces. Cefla Finishing People


Cefla is many people. Many skills, many places, many faces. All of this adds up to the broadest professional experience and widest global coverage for the finishing industry.

And what’s behind each face? Thoughts, reflections, intuitions that bring solutions to benefit our customers.

Join us for a series of face-to-face interviews with our people. Discover what they have to say about their role in the company and their ambitions. We asked them all the same questions, but of course we did not get the same answers!

In the first episode meet Luca Preziosa, Product Manager | Software and IoT Solution, as he talks about his role and the projects he has been part of.

Watch the interview with Luca Preziosa

Cefla Headquarter, Via Bicocca, 14/a, Imola, Bologna 40026, Italia, +39 0542653441

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