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Innovations set to reach the market in 2021 will be presented at our Cefla Live Global event in June.

Инновации, которые выведут на рынок в 2021 году, будут широко представлены на CeflaLiveGlobal в июне.

A concentrated line-up of our latest innovations will be presented at this year’s Cefla Live Global event. Partly online, partly in person, depending on your location, our focus will be on EFFICIENCY and SUSTAINABILITY delivered during a series of live webinars or meeting our staff at locations hosting the event.

  • June 7 – 11 online direct from Cefla Finishing HQ in Italy
  • June 9 – 11 in person at Charlotte, North Carolina (USA
  • June 8 – 10 in person at Tianjin, China.

A detailed calendar will be available shortly.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get up to date and discover the new technologies and solutions we are introducing this year. These include a new inert curing oven, the latest developments in spray coating, vacuum coating solutions for flat panels and new achievements in industrial digital printing.

Webinars will be held in 8 different languages on different days to involve as many international participants as possible. Languages include English, Chinese, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

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Faster, better, cheaper – have you been dreaming these?

Manufacturers of cabinet doors, but also sub-contractors dealing with large volumes are wrestling to increase productivity, improve quality and cut costs, especially lacquer costs. Our new version of Elispray has the power to answer your dream. In a 12 or 24-gun version, it is faster than the previous version, ensures the same or better surface finish quality and, compared to reciprocating spray coaters, reduces lacquer consumption by up to 20%.

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Have you been affected by the growing cost of photoinitiatiors?

Are they getting harder to obtain? If you are running a roller coating line with UV lacquers and curing in UV ovens, you probably appreciate the need to use lacquers with photoinitiators. Costly, environmentally harmful, with the potential yellowing of the coating they may cause, you may not have thought it was possible to cure UV lacquers without depending on them entirely. Innovating to make your process more sustainable, in terms of cost as well as the ecological aspect, we have developed a UV curing process that depends on an inert atmosphere instead of those photoinitiators.

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What does ZERO DOWNTIME really mean?

Zero downtime during a colour changeover on a spray coating machine may sound odd, but the new iBotic with its two spraying arms enables just this. While one arm continues to coat workpieces, the second arm slides behind the machine and after complete cleaning with solvent and emptying of the circuits, colour changeover is performed without stopping production.

Discover how to maximise your productivity with iBotic's new TIMESKIP function

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