Cefla Live становится всемирной, продвигая самые последние инновации во все уголки планеты на гибридных выставках с реальными международными встречами и вебинарами, проводимыми вживую из Италии

Cefla Live goes Global, bringing latest innovations to all corners of the planet during a hybrid event with real international venues and a webinar calendar live from Italy.

Innovations set to reach the market in 2021 will be presented at our Cefla Live Global event in June.

IMOLA, 26 April 2021. In an unprecedented formula, Cefla Finishing announces a hybrid event lasting 5days with a mix of live webinars originating at the LAB in Imola together with 2 physical gatherings heldat venues in China and the USA. Cefla Live Global will nonetheless live up to its reputation as the annualshowcase for the latest innovations in surface enhancement technologies. This year"s edition will focuson sustainability and efficiency, seen as the prime targets of each innovation.

How and where to join Cefla Live Global

Hosted online and in person at 2 locations, Cefla Live Global is a special edition addressing the currentsituation and the diversity between market areas. Whereas participants can gather at the Asian andAmerican venues to discover machines and technologies in a laboratory environment, Cefla Finishingtechnology experts in Imola will be presenting each innovation in a series of live online webinars duringthe five-day event, catering for different international time zones and languages. Wherever participantsare located, they can register for any number of webinars, enjoy direct contact with technology expertsand their local sales representatives. Moreover, they will be given access to content for each of thetechnologies presented.


Which innovations will be showcased during the event


Still the only spraying robot with 2 fully independent arms on the market today, the new iBotic spraycoating machine introduces innovative features and devices to increase production efficiency andminimise downtime. Less lacquer, less impact on the environment and less time on the line are the keybenefits of Smartvacuum, designed to achieve uniform coating quality between the flat surface and theedge of the panel. Similar benefits from the new Elispray, the 12 or 24-gun elliptical spray coatingsolution for high volumes. Sustainability is also the driver behind the new inert curing oven developedwith an eye to reducing the need to use photoinitiators. UV-I works in an inert atmosphere cutting mostof the costs linked to these expensive and harmful lacquer additives. More innovations from our line ofindustrial digital printers, especially with regard to providing unique customisation opportunities and ahuge reduction in stock requirements for rotary printing components or decorative. For example, usinga single graphic file on J-Print, companies have the unique opportunity to print both the panel surfaceand edge with the same pattern or motif. Further areas have been affected by progress made indigitalisation, enabling closer monitoring and tracking of integrated lines or stand-alone machines. Byexploiting a wealth of data, companies can enhance production efficiency and improve theirprofitability.

When interviewed, the company commented: “Whatever it takes, we never stop innovating. It’s part ofour DNA, so despite the global situation, this has not prevented us from exploring unprecedented waysof improving the aspects which mean most to our partners: efficiency, sustainability andcompetitiveness. Our solutions are always tailored to meet the needs of large, medium or smallcompanies operating in different markets. This is why the 2021 edition has gone global to address eachregion locally.

Cefla Live Global will be presented from 3 global locations in Italy, China and the USA, and will run from June 7 – 11. Signing up for the Cefla Finishing newsletter will provide more details, as well as a regular visit to the company’s website for the latest updates.

For more information, contact Chiara Peruzzi chiara.peruzzi@cefla.it

Cefla Finishing, a global leader in the coating, decoration and digital printing of wood and its derivatives, designs and builds tailor-made "turnkey" production lines, mainly for the wooden product manufacturing industry. The expertise gained from years of experience on the market and advanced know-how have also made Cefla Finishing a pivotal, cutting-edge provider of technology to the glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal finishing industries.



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