Cefla революционизирует систему управление промышленными предприятиями

Cefla revolutionizes the maintenance of industrial plants

Two artificial intelligence platforms have been developed to operate remotely, thanks to the partnership with the Brescia-based group Mipu.

IMOLA (ITALY), January 31, 2022. Artificial intelligence improve energy production and industrial plants, thanks to the two predictive maintenance platforms for remote diagnosis and repairs, C-cogenS (already operating in the district heating plant of Tor di Valle, in Rome, for the multiutility Acea) and C-Platform. This is the result of the partnership between Cefla, a multi-business industry headquartered in Imola (Bologna), and the Mipu Group, based in Salò (Brescia), which develops software for companies and cities.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, every object in the industrial plant can provide operating information to the maintenance service. All the design and engineering of processes thus passes through digital, intelligent and interconnected sensors, which transmit data to a cloud platform that communicates with the Cefla and customer systems.

Cefla consists of 4 Business Units. Each has its own history of success, products and innovations. Yet they are all part of a shared quest for improvement in which partnerships and skills interact to generate excellence and ensure satisfaction for all its customers and stakeholders. Cefla's Engineering Business Unit deals in design, construction and management of technological systems in the civil and industrial sectors, and of cogeneration and trigeneration plants in the energy sector. In recent years it has poured efforts and resources into the facility management sector, as well as plant maintenance both in the civil sector and in the production sector, with a common goal: to improve the well-being and comfort of the places where people live, work and share leisure time.



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