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Why industrial digital printing is a decorative technique nobody should ignore.

Versatile and with huge potential for customisation, industrial digital printing is a surface finishing technology which is now advancing in so many areas, you need to consider it.

Unlimited substrates

What is great about industrial digital printing is that you can use this technology to decorate countless substrates ranging from wood to ceramics, glass, metal, plastic and even cardboard packaging materials. Even flooring can be enhanced using this technique, with additional potential to create textured surfaces for what will look and feel like real parquet.

Personalisation potential

The second big advantage is in terms of customisation. There is no need to set up a large production run for large volumes. Lead times are minimal, going from a digital image to a printable file and then executing on the single or multipass printer. One-off designs that can generate unique pieces, such as the décor for a fashion show which may be used once only. Industrial digital printing represents a most viable solution as it does not generate excessive costs when producing single pieces, and it’s fast.

Opening up new possibilities

Industrial digital printers are influencing the future of finishing. The potential is extraordinary and enables companies to satisfy customer demands for highly personalised products. It could be a large decorated ceramic wall tile in the foyer of a company headquarters. It could be the panels on the bedroom furniture of a luxury resort. It could even be the special packaging designed for gifts a special event. There are few limitations and room for a lot of fantasy.

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