Финишные технологии от Cefla: чего еще можно достичь сегодня?

Cefla Finishing Technologies: what more can you achieve today?

Innovations set to reach the market in 2021 will be presented at our Cefla Live Global event in June.

Efficiency, sustainability and innovation are the 3 milestones of our efforts to achieve the technological developments that you will see in action once again this year at Cefla Live, special “Global” edition, from 7 to 11 June. We will go live from our 3 finishing LABs at the Cefla Finishing headquarters in Italy (live streaming only), in North America and in China (where part of the event may also be attended personally).

We have chosen webinars so that everyone can attend from their own regions and connect with our technology, process, finishing and digital printing specialists. Thanks to, among other things, our outstanding software potential we can make the most of digitization benefits for our machines, lines and entire production department - converting processing data into valuable information for each business.

Each webinar is available in different languages and has been designed to showcase an individual coating or digital printing technology or parts of the process with the help of our experts and technicians - who will talk us through the innovations, machine operations and all the resulting advantages.

Let's take a closer look at all the webinars you can register for free-of-charge, by visiting the dedicated website at Cefla Live Global and by reading below.

Discover all the available webinars and sign up now

Webinar on Digital Printing in your coating line

Now you can say YES to a unique workpiece. You can say YES to minimal lead times. You can say YES to matching the edge decoration perfectly with the panel surface. All you need is digital printing, integrated in your coating line to obtain high-quality products, perfectly matched edges and flat panel surfaces, and unique designs in exceptionally short lead times.

Register for the digital printing webinar and two success stories.

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Webinar on the UV-I curing oven

UV curing with UV-I is your chance to free yourself from lacquers requiring large quantities of photoinitiators. Costly additives that are also particularly harmful to the environment, producing a yellowing effect that is certainly not attractive. The latest innovation is our curing oven working in an inert atmosphere.

Register for the dedicated webinar and find out how this technology ensures maximised sustainability, high performance and efficiency.

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Webinar on Elispray: transfer efficiency and increased productivity

One of the most widely appreciated aspects of the new Elispray is that it has been designed to improve transfer efficiency. Strategically placed filters, an improved plenum, a wider CFB belt to help recover lacquer and a better distribution system all help extend filter life and reduce cleaning requirements.

Register for the webinar on Elispray and find out how to improve your productivity.

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Webinar on iBotic's multiple innovations to give you more and more tangible advantages

The latest addition to iBotic is an on-the-go colour changeover feature named TIMESKIP, designed to save 90 minutes' production time by avoiding having to run the colour change procedure in each work shift. What does this mean? For example: if you work just one shift daily and just 20 days monthly, that adds up to an extra 30 hours of production achieved each month.

Find out how TIMESKIP and other new iBotic features work by registering for the dedicated webinar.

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Webinar on Smartvacuum, vacuum coating for primer application

Now that the market for kitchen cabinet doors is trending towards flat panels with softly rounded edges, why not adopt a vacuum coating technique for your basecoat application? The reasons are many and they all have to do with production efficiency, cost cutting and sustainability.

Discover them all in our dedicated webinar on Smartvacuum.

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