GIARDINA GROUP на виставці Ligna 2023

GIARDINA GROUP at Ligna 2023

Giardina Group will be at Ligna 2023 in top shape with a stand measuring about 300 metres where it will showcase its machines and lines, with a focus on innovation and the ability to effectively meet all finishing requirements. This participation reflects the story of an entrepreneurial journey undertaken over the last few difficult years: from the decision to breathe new life into Destefani, one of Italy’s most renowned edge and profile sanding brands, to the partnership with Pininfarina, which has led to the creation of the brand new "Dualtech Forma" automatic sprayer, which is sure to be in the spotlight at Ligna 2023.

"Dualtech Forma", design by Pininfarina.


Giardina Group has long been working with world-leading paint manufacturers, sharing experiences and taking innovative paths: these are the distinguishing features of its participation at Ligna.

"Italian companies and international leaders will be present to support us in show time sessions featuring our two finishing lines, which will be in operation at the trade fair: one will be dedicated to excimer coating and the other to roller coating for three-dimensional surfaces", says Stefano Tibè, Sales Manager of the group. "We are proud to be able to host prominent companies such as Adler Lacke, Heidelberg Coatings, Ica, Icro Coating, Ilva, Iris, Renner Italia, Sherwin Williams and Sirca. These partnerships are a source of pride for us and enable us to demonstrate to visitors that the combination of coating products and technology can be the answer to many problems".


The technologies to be displayed at the stand at Ligna encapsulate the extensive product range of this Italian group, especially with regard to spraying, as seen in the "Dualtech Forma", which is at the leading edge of Giardina Group’s technology in this segment. This machine is not only aesthetically appealing, but also embodies all the qualities that the group has to offer when it comes to spray painting, which is now even more effective and ergonomic in the design shared with Pininfarina.

As for profile coating, Giardina Group will be showcasing the "Profisprayer 2VE" at Ligna, its ‘top of the range’ sprayer with two spraying stations, much appreciated by several major international companies that have shown interest in the features of this machine.


The fact that Giardina Group has also decided to showcase excimer technology at Ligna reflects market demand, which has been shifting more and more towards "soft" matt surfaces that also retain their resistance and durability. The "Zerogloss" excimer coating line ensures complete opacity while improving resistance to scratches, wear and tear, and fingerprints. "This technology is making it possible to regain positions that painting had been losing to finishing processes which, until just a few months ago, were the only way we could achieve certain finishes, in particular when working with natural wood. Our process gives it a nice shine and transparency, and this has enabled us to work with several well-known and highly regarded furniture manufacturers", adds Stefano Tibè.

"Excimertech ZeroGloss".


In the halls of the trade fair in Hannover, the "Flexi" line will reveal the opportunities offered by the roller application of primers on three-dimensional panels, for both doors and shaped kitchen doors, replacing the use of spray technology during this phase, optimising conveying efficiency and requiring less cleaning and consumables. "At Ligna we will have to chance to fully showcase our “Rolltech Flexi”, the key machine of this line which we began developing in 2017, demonstrating just how effective it is. This is also substantiated by the industrial patent we were granted for this specific machine, which we designed and built from scratch", adds Giardina Group’s sales manager.

"Rolltech Flexi".


Giardina Group’s research and innovation processes are ongoing and involve all the technologies that the group has to offer. And the three industrial patents granted in the last few months attest to this fact. Besides the "Flexi" mentioned earlier, Giardina Group has gained recognition for the value of its research with the "Pulsar" project involving UV drying which, during operation, makes it possible to obtain excellent continuous output from the lamps, which are known to perform best when they have just been switched on.

The third patent granted will shape further research developments in the near future, also in the UV drying segment.


As for Destefani sanding,three machines will be showcased in Hannover. First of all, the "MVT 4000" single-side sanding machine, which is perfect for sanding the edges of MDF panels, chipboard and coated elements. The "MVS 2500" will also be installed nearby, placed in line with the previously mentioned "Profisprayer 2VE" spraying machine. It is the smallest profile sander in the "MVS" range, designed and manufactured for sanding frames, poles, strips, elements of door and window frames, veneers, solid wood elements and unfinished or treated MDF parts.

"Destefani Floor".


"Destefani Mvt 4000".

The third Destefani sanding machine on display in Hannover is the brand new "MVS Floor" profile brushing/sanding machine. It is equipped to be particularly effective in machining wooden floor elements, ensuring excellent levels of finish not only on the sides, but also on the top surface of the element, creating three-dimensional effects increasingly sought after on the market, which can be obtained extremely easily with this machine. This solution demonstrates the commitment of the group to being a partner of choice in this specific segment of wood processing as well.

Giardina Group in a nutshell

Seventy employees, a turnover of around 20 million euros, an export share of close to 95% and know-how that has resulted in an extremely comprehensive catalogue: from beam impregnation to the treatment of "Jumbo" glass sheets, from profile finishing to sophisticated robot systems for coating windows and doors or furniture building materials. Today Giardina Group stands for design, development and manufacture of machines and full coating systems (roller, film, spray and vacuum); automated and robotic lines with hot air, UV or microwave drying systems; overhead lines to coat windows and doors or three-dimensional pieces, spray booths and special systems and – with Destefani – edge and profile sanding solutions.



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