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A Major Ground-breaking step in the Egyptian Wood Market

Two of the most significant exhibitions in Egypt have integrated as a single entity with the objective of enhancing global participation.

Dubai, UAE, xx September, 2017. Cairo WoodShow and EGYWOODEX Trade Fair have announced a partnership with the goal of developing a mega event together, which will be held on 8 - 11 December, 2017. Industry experts and professionals are regarding this venture as a remarkable endeavour which will benefit the wood industry of the MENA region.

The amalgamation of two globally renowned wood exhibitions will supplement the Egyptian and North African region in becoming a leading economic landmark for the wood industry. The major focus of this union is to boost wood trade by providing a monumental platform to showcase wood products, machinery, accessories, and raw material used for designing, manufacturing and finishing in timber and furniture industries. By devising a comprehensive platform, this partnership will also aid in educating industry professionals about the application of sophisticated technologies in the wood and woodworking industry.

The current furniture export from Egypt amounts to $250 million and aims to touch the $800 million mark in the future. Technology has revolutionised the use of wood in the modern world. There is a huge demand of technologically advanced wood products and raw material among real estate, infrastructure and business projects. The rapid emergence of wood industry has induced the partnership of Cairo WoodShow and EGYWOODEX.

The upcoming Mega event will mark the participation 8000 professional visitors and 150 regional and international companies belonging to the wood industry. A strong focus of the event is to develop the regional market of Egypt and Africa by the influx of extensive demand opportunities and to improve the quality of local products in a cost-efficient manner.




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