Глубокая матированная финишная обработка с минимальным азотированием

A deep matt finish using as little nitrogen as possible

How to reduce the costs of matting technologies without spoiling the beautiful finish you can obtain.

Excimer matting technology is increasingly popular amongst furniture manufacturers and/or third-party finishing companies who decorate the panels. The soft-touch effect combined with a fingerprint and scratch-proof finish, and excellent abrasion resistance, adds huge value to the end product. However, the costs involved depend heavily on the nitrogen consumed during the process.

Keeping nitrogen consumption to a minimum

A condition required for effective matting is the absence of oxygen inside the oven. This is achieved by using an inerting gas, nitrogen, which literally washes away the oxygen. In an oxygen-free environment, special lamps using a wavelength of 172nm bring about a partially cross-linked micro-structure on the surface. Final curing leads to the extremely low-gloss finish with superior resistance and soft-touch effect.

Nitrogen consumption drops by up to 65% in our Exydry-Z oven. A patent pending solution limits the amount of oxygen entering the oven on the conveyed pieces. Related costs are drastically reduced.

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