Hannover Messe: Движется рынок робототехники, и логистика мчится вперед!

Robotic market in motion, logistics is having a run

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The pandemic is accelerating the industrial transformation that is taking place. Some companies and industries are growing rapidly as a result. In the growth market of logistics, this is leading to many technology innovations, and digitalization is advancing.

The new requirements from the logistics industry or from the laboratory sector, for example, are driving the robotics industry. 2021 was a robotics year. Analysts predict growth figures in the mid-single digits for the industry.

At the same time, our exhibitors do not lose sight of one thing: The global challenges of climate change need solutions from and for the industrial sector: Digitalization and automation make it possible to operate sustainable, energy-efficient and at the same time highly productive manner, to make the CO2 footprint transparent and to reduce it comprehensively. We present a few projects to you; the big picture will be available in April in Hannover and online.

Smart warehouse tower

Eight companies show the processes in internal logistics could look like in the future. SINA (Smart Picking Solutions for INtralogistics Automation) is a solution... READ MORE »

Robotics innovation: shorter teach-in, better welding

Once before, the startup wandelbot showed that less and less programming knowledge will be needed to teach robots in the shortest possible time. Now they are minimizing the teach-in paths for the perfect weld - normally an extremely time-consuming process. READ MORE »

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Net-zero technologies reduce CO2 emissions

Scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation have determined that Net Zero technologies will play an important role on the road to climate-neutral production and lower CO² emissions. The HANNOVER MESSE in April 22 will show the concrete solutions for this.


Toyota Material Handling Europe commits to climate protection

In line with the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, Toyota Material Handling Europe has joined Science Based Targets' (SBTi) "Business Ambition for 1.5°C" campaign.



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