Использование древесины для обогрева: выбор архитекторов и дизайнеров. Выставка Progetto Fuoco в Вероне (Италия).

Выставка Progetto Fuoco в Вероне (Италия) пройдет 21-25 февраля 2018 года.


Progetto Fuoco, Verona Exhibition Centre, 21 - 25 February 2018

Wood or pellet burning stoves and fireplaces have come to be seen as natural complements for refined furnishings and architecture in modern settings. As well as being appreciated for the heat they provide, they bring out the archetypal value of fire and add a graceful sense of “warmth”, while making the perfect match for any surroundings.

Inexpensive and environmentally friendly wood biomass-fuelled heating systems have become an essential part of all interior design schemes, in both residential and office buildings.

The prominent role played by all of these aspects is immediately apparent at the international biennial Progetto Fuoco show at Verona Fairgrounds, which is a key date in the diary for the industry worldwide. There were more than 750 exhibitors at the last exhibition, half of whom were non-Italian participants from 38 different countries. Covering a total of 105,000 m² of exhibition space, over five days they attracted more than 70,000 visitors from 69 different countries. A smoke extraction system is always provided at the event, so numerous products (such as fireplaces, stoves and range-based heating) can be displayed in use.

“As well as architects and designers, growing interest in the field is being shown by fitters, plumbers and the general public,” stated Ado Rebuli, the President of Piemmeti SpA, which organizes the event. “This is partly due to demand from consumers who are attracted by the appeal of glowing fires and government incentives.”

The focus on aesthetically pleasing wood-fired heating was revealed at the record-breaking tenth edition of Progetto Fuoco in 2016. The famous Parisian designer Philippe Starck (who received the Legion of Honour in 2000) was at the stand of a big French group to offer an exclusive first look at an innovative, environmentally friendly modular stove that he had designed.

In 2016, the event organizers also worked in tandem with the ADI Industrial Design Association on the successful “The fireplace, the stove and all around” competition, which received 157 entries. The dedication to the design world will be plain to see once again at the next Progetto Fuoco international exhibition of wood-fired heating and energy systems and equipment, which will take place at Verona Fairgrounds from 21 to 25 February 2018.

Creative, imaginative designs add visual appeal to the benefits of the innovative systems, along with environmental friendliness and cost effectiveness. At the 11th edition of the international exhibition, there will be a large number of products that use highly sophisticated technology to give unparalleled performance in terms of cutting consumption and therefore costs. Modern stoves and fireplaces can be controlled by mobile phones and there are models of stoves that automatically load logs, while others (combined models) can run on both pellets and wood (or other materials).

“The delights and aesthetic appeal of the products have come together with technological features to encourage people to move on once and for all from their habitual use of traditional fossil fuels,” stated Raul Barbieri, the CEO of Piemmeti SpA. “In the collective imagination, stoves and fireplaces are no longer deemed the preserve of country cottages and mountain huts. The use of modern wood biomass-fuelled equipment is spreading throughout Italy, including on the islands and in heating systems on the coast. Consequently, from 9 to 17 September 2017 Progetto Fuoco will present the first PF Tecnologie (PF Technologies) preview in a dedicated hall at the Fiera del Levante exhibition centre in Bari. Ever since the registration process for Progetto Fuoco 2018 began, there has been an increase in applications. The main Italian and international groups have confirmed that they will be back again and there will be a large number of pellet producers and makers of firewood chopping and processing machines.”

Progetto Fuoco makes a big contribution to the development of wood biomass-fuelled energy systems, including on the environmental front. AIEL (the Italian Agroforestry Energy Association) is a partner of the international exhibition. During the event, it will be promoting the Aria Pulita (Clean Air) certification system, which rates performance standards by awarding between 1 and 4 stars to fireplaces, stoves (wood, pellet and heat-storage models), wood or pellet burning ranges, inserts, and boilers (wood, pellet and chip burning models). Rounding off the selection at the international event is a packed schedule of refresher sessions and conventions to promote knowledge of the field.

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Maria Giovanna Benacchio

For information, photos and logos, see www.progettofuoco.com

Piemmeti SpA – Via S. Marco 11/c – Padova – Italy

Tel. +39 0498753730 – mg.benacchio@piemmetispa.com




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