Компания Hettich Middle East принимает участие в выставке DIFAC в качестве главного спонсора

Hettich Middle East is taking part in DIFAC Exhibition as Main Sponsor

Furniture technology is our competence and passion. Our products set the benchmark for function, quality and comfort of furniture. The brand Hettich symbolizes a strong partnership with the furniture and white goods industry, trade and craft as well as the Do-It-Yourself-segment. We create the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality and design. Hettich always believe in quality, Innovation, close cooperation with customers and absolute reliability. We work to inspire our customers with our ides and our passion.

The company’s origin date back to 1888, when Karl Hettich began making the new clock component he had invented. Today Hettich, still a family owned, has become an industry leader with a worldwide reputation. We’re one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality furniture fittings, with over 6000 employees in more than 100 countries. The company’s success has been built on four enduring values.

Hettich is intending to exhibits its core products at its stand during DIFAC 2018

  • Sensys Hinges, ArciTech and InnoTech-Atira Drawer systems
  • Quadro Runners , WingLine L and SlideLine M sliding & folding systems
  • A select range of its newly launched Architectural hardware



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