Новые вертикальные панельные пилы SCM: минимум места, максимум производительности


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SCM further re-confirms its presence in the beam saws sector with an even wider range of technological solutions suited to all market ranges and every panel processing requirement. The latest new entry is the result of a collaboration between SCM and an industry leader and comes in the range of “gabbiani v – vs – vsi” vertical panel saws.

It is a complete range of models, 100% "made in Italy", developed to meet the different configuration needs and deal with every kind of production requirement.

The range offers numerous advantages.

  • Reduction in space taken up on the factory floor: SCM's new vertical panel saws are functional and compact and can be easily placed into any work space, even the narrowest ones, while still providing maximum cutting performance.
  • Greater power and resistance over time: the new "gabbiani" range is powerful and sturdy, and has a stress-resistance capability far superior and longer than that of standard machines in its category. This is thanks to the special frame that is assembled with electro-welding.
  • Several models in the range for a better price/performance ratio: you can pick the vertical panel saw that best suits your production needs. There are numerous options: without scoring unit or with paired scoring unit with 2 saw blades or, moreover, with the addition of an independent motor with mechanical insertion. The advantage is identical: constant top-quality performance at a highly competitive price.
  • Great versality: The “gabbiani” vertical panel saws can be used to cut different types of wood materials.
    Speed and precision, a feasible duo: the "gabbiani" vertical panel saws allow for one or more panels to be cut simultaneously, but always with maximum precision. Some of the different models are able to make particularly precise cuts, others are more suitable for making pre-cuts that will be completed by sizing edge banders or cnc machining centers. 

With a turnover of over € 600 million and 3,600 employees, Scm Group is the global leader in technologies for machining a wide range of materials: wood, plastic, glass, stone, metal, composite materials and industrial components. Across the globe, the group's companies act as highly reliable partners to leading industries in a wide range of product sectors, from furniture to construction, automotive to aerospace, and yachting to plastic machining.

Scm Group coordinates, supports and develops a system of industrial excellence in 3 large, highly specialised production centres in Italy and it operates on all 5 continents.



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