Последние технические новости лесной промышленности и деревообработки на выставке Dubai WoodShow 2018

Learn the latest practices and applications of the wood industry

Dubai WoodShow, which is due to be held on 12 – 14 March 2018, supports the concept of Green-building and is dedicated towards promoting innovation in wood building and designing. Green building involves the use of wood as a building material because it is more feasible and cost effective than conventional means of construction. As a building material, wood is a much better alternative to steel and concrete for dealing with environmental impacts such as air, water and ground pollution. It develops energy efficiency, enhances indoor air quality and is the most simple and practical measure to curb the serious problem of climate change.

The major argument against the viability of using wood as a building material is its tendency to burn quickly, but the innovative technology of Cross-Laminating timber has resolved this concern for builders. Cross-Laminated Timber (CTL) slows down the pace of burning. Hence, it fulfils the purpose of building material in a manner similar to concrete. When extracted through sustainably maintained forests, CTL offers an eco-friendly, ethical and effective construction option for construction.

To learn about the latest practices and applications of wood industry similar to CTL and many more, register now to participate in Dubai WoodShow 2018, the biggest trade show of the entire MENA region. It will host prominent exhibitors from around the globe to display wood, woodworking machinery as well as technology that aids in Green-Building.

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