Precision coolant helps fasten thread-turning operations – Sandvik

The CoroThread® 266 thread-turning tool from Sandvik Coromant is available from 1st March 2018 with precision over- and under-coolant to improve process security and maximise efficiency.

The addition of over-coolant improves chip formation for more secure machining, while under-coolant controls temperature for long and predictable tool life. Precision coolant also has positive effects on surface finish, further supporting the generation of high-quality threads.

“Process security and stability is paramount in thread-turning operations to ensure the machining of right-first-time threads, every time,” explains Hampus Olsson, Product Manager Thread Turning at Sandvik Coromant.

“Along with precision coolant, this is why CoroThread 266 features the proprietary iLock interface between the holder and insert, which prevents cutting forces from causing micro-movements of the insert in the tip seat. In addition, for applications where long overhangs are unavoidable, the use of dedicated damped Silent Tools™ adaptors provide a proven way to reduce vibration and maintain precision.”

Ideal for external and internal thread turning, a wide standard assortment of insert thread profiles with dedicated grades and geometries is available for all materials. A Tailor Made offer can be provided for an extended thread profile assortment.

Quick-change tool-holders with precision coolant include Coromant Capto® C3, C4, C5 and C6 (for use with 16mm inserts), as well as QS™ shanks in 20x20mm and 25x25mm sizes (with 16mm and 22mm inserts). For internal thread turning, a minimum hole diameter of 20mm is required.

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All-directional turning goes inside out –PrimeTurning ™ now available for internal turning operations

Following last year’s launch of PrimeTurning™ methodology and tools for external turning operations, Sandvik Coromant is now introducing a dedicated CoroTurn® Prime SL head that makes this groundbreaking process available for internal turning operations. The new SL head will cater for the needs of oil and gas, aerospace and other manufacturers machining diameters in excess of 90mm, and overhangs up to 8-10xD.

“The inside-out machining capability provided by the CoroTurn Prime SL head solution in combination with PrimeTurning techniques, promotes excellent chip evacuation and chip control,” states Hakan Ericksson, Product Manager – General Turning, Sandvik Coromant. “In turn, manufacturers can achieve an excellent surface finish, matched by high productivity, longer tool life and high machine utilisation.”

In contrast to conventional internal turning, PrimeTurning sees the tool enter the material at the chuck end of the component and remove metal as it travels back out towards the bore exit (inside-out direction). This allows for the application of a small entering angle that offers significant productivity gains. However, if required, another variant is also available with a reversed tip seat that makes it possible to perform PrimeTurning in the opposite direction (outside-in).

There are two insert types for internal PrimeTurning: A-type for profiling, finishing and light roughing; and B-type for roughing to finishing operations.

Speed and feed rates can effectively be doubled with PrimeTurning. This is because the small entering angle and higher lead angle create thinner, wider chips that spread the load and heat away from the nose radius, resulting in increased cutting data and/or tool life. Furthermore, as cutting is performed in the direction moving away from the shoulder, there is no danger of chip jamming – a common and highly undesirable effect of conventional internal turning.

With CoroTurn Prime SL heads, customers can create a wide range of tool combinations from a small inventory of adaptors and cutting heads. SL heads are available in 40mm diameter, and fit with solid steel bars and carbide bars, as well as with Silent Tools TM damped boring bars for vibration-free internal machining.

In a further development, Sandvik Coromant can now offer the new -H3 geometry to eliminate any concerns about chip control, which can be challenging when machining low-carbon and high-strength steels. The -H3 geometry is available for B-type inserts in grades GC4325, GC1115 and H13A.

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