Пресс-конференция Fritz Studer AG: STUDER достиг рекордных продаж в 2018 году

Fritz Studer AG Press Conference: STUDER achieves record sales in 2018

It has been the best year since Fritz Studer AG was founded. In 2018, STUDER attained record sales in almost all markets. Precision cylindrical grinding machines were supplied to customers in over 40 countries worldwide. And now STUDER presents its latest highlight.

On March 14, 2019, over 60 journalists from all over the world will be going down into the depths of the Swiss mountains. In the gallery of Hagerbach mine, in the canton of Graubünden, you feel the power and elemental force of the Alps. This test gallery and research lab is a place that has produced pioneering work and innovative power. A perfect place to take the new STUDER machines out of the dark and into the light and to present to the world the successful business development in cylindrical grinding of this traditional company from Switzerland.

Machine portfolio and sales

The shortage in worldwide procurement markets and a simultaneous increase in incoming orders posed the company with a considerable challenge. The same period of time saw the further development of new machines to series production.Strong growth was reported by STUDER in 2018 in central European markets as well as in northern and southern Europe - with the highest-ever incoming orders in the company history. Latin Europe experienced a very strong year for the third time running. STUDER has shown strong growth in China too in 2018. Demand was high, particularly for internal cylindrical grinding machines - 2018 saw record incoming orders in this segment.

STUDER achieved its biggest sales with the S33, the favorite, and the S41. The manufacturer of cylindrical grinders supplied its S31 for the 1000th time. "This shows that the machine has been providing top quality in reliability and precision for years," says Sandro Bottazzo, CSO of Fritz Studer AG. And last but not least, the small S11 production cylindrical grinding machine also reported a new sales record.

Close to customers, worldwide

STUDER is at home worldwide, servicing all of the world markets with specialized representatives. "We speak our customers' language: with over 150 sales partners, we have the densest international network of consultants in grinding", says Bottazzo, clearly proud. STUDER customers are particularly active in the following segments:

-        Automotive industry: After showing extremely strong growth in 2017, this sector grew less rapidly last year.

-        Machine manufacturers: important and consistently strong

-        Tool and die making: For the second year running, this division has reported a
 high share

-        Job Shopper: an extremely important segment for STUDER. It is characterized by a high level of loyalty and long-term commitment

-        Aerospace: This sector continues at a consistently high level. STUDER benefits here, too, from a high demand in worldwide air traffic.

STUDER also suppliers smaller markets, such as the medical sector, for example. STUDER is the preferred partner of many manufacturers of implants or medical tools.

Customer Care

STUDER supports its customers with 200 employees in Customer Care, of which 130 local service technicians operate worldwide. Customer proximity is also evident in the company's language diversity. Overall, Customer Care provides helplines in ten different languages.

"At our customers' side quickly and competently. That is the STUDER aim," explains Bottazzo. In order to provide even better support, Solution Support has been introduced. This measure helps the company to counteract any shortages in skilled employees and further improve the inter-company dissemination of knowledge.

Customer Care is growing in the two-digit range. STUDER achieved a new record for all Customer Care services.

Technology and Operations

"Precise grinding machines require precise components," reinforces Jens Bleher, CEO at STUDER. That's why STUDER is further expanding its core competence in machining. Several millions were invested in three large 5-axis milling machine centers with integrated rotational functionality. As well as higher efficiency, these new machines will enable even better precision through complete machining and reduced clampings. The system offers ideal prerequisites for digitalizing manufacturing in accordance with state-of-the-art Industry 4.0 standards. In all VDA and ISO certifications, STUDER has been audited and successfully recertified with all the latest standards.

The heart of production is the continuous “Fliessmontage+” flow assembly. Having reported record production levels in 2017, this revolutionary system for machine manufacturers enabled an additional increase in 2018, setting new productivity standards in efficient machine manufacturing. Thanks to this, STUDER was able to continue to maintain the shortest delivery periods in the grinding industry. An excellent selling point for customers of Fritz Studer AG.

Outlook for 2019

The key indicators have taken a downward turn in the past year for all regions of the world. "We expect demand to ease in the course of the year," forecasts Bleher. However the Swiss cylindrical grinding specialist remains ambitious and continues to aim for growth.

The primary goal at STUDER is to make its customers even more successful. STUDER intends to achieve this with consistent further development and improvement. With the unveiling of two new machines, the S33 and S31, STUDER is quick to demonstrate that they mean what they say.

Management at STUDER (from left to right) Jens Bleher (CEO), Stephan Stoll (COO), Daniel Huber (CTO), Sandro Bottazzo (CSO).



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