Решения в области промышленной цифровой печати обеспечивают совершенное сочетание финишной поверхности и кромки панели. Новые возможности от Cefla Finishing


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Industrial Digital Printing solutions to provide the perfect match between panel surface finish and the same panel’s edge; a new opportunity from Cefla Finishing

IMOLA, 31 July 2021. As the market demands a high degree of customisation, short lead times and top quality, Cefla Finishing has developed a combined solution using industrial digital printing techniques to ensure furniture manufacturers can achieve a perfect match between edge and surface finish, as well as reducing their service stock requirements.

Educating the market with new opportunities and new technologies

Cefla Finishing has invested heavily in industrial digital printing solutions and has a growing range of machines that perform an astonishing array of surface enhancement effects, from highly customised decorations and third firing effects to haptic finishes and highly resistant surfaces used for flooring.

Today’s novelty introduces a way of obtaining a perfect match, both colour and pattern, between the surface of a panel and the panel’s edge.

Starting from a digital image file, a single source from which to generate the surface finish and the edge, the benefits are numerous and offer limitless flexibility, maximum customisation, batches that can be less than 100 sqm and very short lead times.

Even two different finishing outfits can achieve the perfect match

If two companies are involved in each process, one for the surface, the other for the edge, providing the same image, same digital printing procedure and possibly the same inks are used, the match is obtained by first elaborating the digital image for both tasks. Using the same inks optimises the match, but may not always be possible depending on which inks each company adopts. Clearly if the same inks are used, any variations incurring metamerism will be minimised.

Industrial digital printing is a complementary technology which can fit into a finishing line

With the flexibility of this solution, companies can answer the demands for small batches and personalised decorations. After sanding and primer application, the flat surface can be decorated with a digital printer followed by a transparent basecoat which precedes the desired finished effect. Short lead times are achieved as it takes just days to go from the creative idea to the output, in contrast with the weeks/months required using traditional techniques.

Cefla Finishing, a global leader in the coating, decoration and digital printing of wood and its derivatives, designs and builds tailor-made "turnkey" production lines, mainly for the wooden product manufacturing industry. The expertise gained from years of experience on the market and advanced know-how have also made Cefla Finishing a pivotal, cutting-edge provider of technology to the glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal finishing industries.



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