Smartedge. Шлифование, покрытие и сушку теперь выполнить просто

A new approach to boost productivity and reduce costs. Smartedge. Sanding, coating and drying made simple

As the market moves towards trends which change faster and demands increasing customisation, small batches are becoming the standard for many jobs. Edge processing needs to be as flexible as possible to maintain a competitive advantage in such a scenario. In developing machinery for edge processing, we have paid attention to this aspect and the latest solutions avoid production bottlenecks and unprofitable downtime. One of the common questions we hear is whether there is a quick and cheap way to process edges.

Edge processing will affect the entire panel coating process, so it cannot be considered to be of secondary importance. It has to be efficient to handle large-scale production, flexible for just-in-time requirements and must ensure consistent quality in line with the panel finish. Smartedge will finish any type of edge, either with vacuum painting technology or a self-adapting roller. MDF edges or those of chipboard panels will be filled with integrated Inert Coating technology.

A technology which guarantees application consistency, reduces the need for specialised labour, avoids solvent emissions by using only 100% acrylic UV products only needs to be flexible to make it the ideal solution. Smartedge processes edges from start to finish and is highly flexible.

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