Сочетание производительности и скорости делают новый станок Elispray непобедимой опцией для крупных производств


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Transfer efficiency and speed make the new Elispray an unbeatable option for high production volumes.

IMOLA, 31 July 2021. Cefla Finishing has recently overhauled Elispray, its well-known elliptical spray coating solution, taking productivity to a new level. Superior transfer efficiency, easier cleaning procedures and faster operation all contribute to save money and consume less lacquer and solvent.

Patented solutions to enable increased productivity and reduced consumption

With a selection of features that Cefla Finishing engineers have recently patented, Elispray now runs at extremely high speeds and ensures excellent transfer efficiency, reliability and reduced lacquer consumption (up to 20% less).

These improvements have been achieved thanks to:

  • double plenum: this directs overspray where it is needed, settling gradually on the workpieces instead of being forced down
  • increased belt surface: this maximises overspray recovery
  • new layout of suction areas: now interferes less with overspray
  • guns operate at lower speeds than a reciprocating machine: this allows for lower feed pressures, enabling less lacquer waste

Excessive overspray becomes a thing of the past, saving filters and making them last longer. Furthermore, equipment cleaning procedures are less time-consuming than before and simpler.

Elispray features a highly reliable, patented product distribution system on the guns

A rinsing circuit runs right next to the seals of the lacquer delivery circuit. Conveying water or solvent, it rinses, helps detect leakage points and reduces the working temperature of the joints thereby extending seal life. Localised leakage is minimised, thereby eliminating machine downtime caused by this issue.

Critical machine components can be monitored while the machine is working and maintenance can therefore be planned in advance to avoid unwanted stoppages. Also available is a patented line feeding system by means of a rotary pump. This eliminates the risks connected to the presence of a joint. Whereas the previous version had a double circuit with a rotary joint, the latest Elispray has just one single lacquer circuit.

Cefla Finishing, a global leader in the coating, decoration and digital printing of wood and its derivatives, designs and builds tailor-made "turnkey" production lines, mainly for the wooden product manufacturing industry. The expertise gained from years of experience on the market and advanced know-how have also made Cefla Finishing a pivotal, cutting-edge provider of technology to the glass, plastic, fibre cement, composite materials and metal finishing industries.



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