Сохраняйте количество и качество под управлением последней разработки в области нанесения покрытия: Smartcoater PRO

Keeping quantities and quality under control with the latest roller coating evolution: Smartcoater PRO

The latest roller coating evolution: Smartcoater PRO. Flexibility, a greater degree of automation and savings, in terms of time and costs.

Before developing the latest evolution in roller coating equipment, we asked our customers what they needed most in view of market trends and end-user demands. There were 3 principal answers: more flexibility, a greater degree of automation and savings, both in terms of time and costs.

One further key issue emerged from our investigations: in a market where customers need to move frequently from one job and the next, the less time you spend keeping control of coating parameters to ensure top quality and optimal lacquer consumption, the more efficient your production is.

This is our target, and what we have achieved to date and are implementing now will enhance the new Smartcoater range.

Introducing Smartcoater PRO

Built to process all types of material (only flat surfaces) - wood and its derivatives, as well as glass, cork, metal, fibre cement and plastic - Smartcoater PRO includes key innovations and new design features, all developed to boost efficiency and improve coating quality.

  • operator-friendly design to view inside the machine during production
  • automated cleaning solutions to save time and reduce solvent consumption
  • automatic monitoring and adjustment of coating parameters
  • optional pneumatic floating system with 4 screw jacks for consistent coating quality through stability and sturdiness
  • and much more…

So if you manufacture cabinet doors, flooring, doors and flat panels in general read more about the new Smartcoater PRO!


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