Технологии Cefla Finishing на выставках Milan's Design Week

Cefla Finishing technologies behind the exhibits at Milan's Design Week

See us at the Salone del Mobile. Did you? 

Anyone who has been visiting the latest edition of Milan’s Design Week and the Salone del Mobile this month will have been able to admire the quality and scope of our surface enhancement technologies. But they probably never realised that what they were seeing had anything to do with Cefla Finishing.

As a leading supplier of integrated finishing lines and innovative solutions covering a limitless number of techniques, our machines are what empower all of our customers to achieve the surface finishing of their products. And many of those products and customers were exhibiting at the Salone del Mobile.

Innovation, experience and sustainability

We are driven by many factors, above all responding to the unique demands of each customer. Our customers wish to differentiate themselves, so our aim is to come as close as possible to meeting their needs, so that they can increase their business. What enables us to support each customer and exceed their expectations is a combination of experience in this sector: decades at an international scale. Also our power to innovate and customise: we have the world’s largest finishing laboratory in Italy and another two in Asia and the United States. Thirdly, the attention we pay to issues regarding sustainability, helping our customers meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The most trusted finishing partner

What you see at Milan’s Design Week is the ultimate result of our focus on providing tangible benefits for each customer. They place their trust in us and we listen to their demands, delivering the results they wish for. Each of the 14,000 finishing lines we have installed globally, using any of the 300 machine types we have developed, is the result of a precise choice made every time we are entrusted with the task of designing a finishing solution. Each customer is unique and many of them are exhibiting our solutions in Milan!

Broadest scope and expertise

From furniture manufacturers to flooring specialists; from producers of ceramic tiles to craftsmen making musical instruments; from the automotive sector to the construction industry. Anyone working in these areas is a customer of Cefla Finishing, so the next time you admire the quality of a surface, remember it probably transited through one of our solutions before reaching the market.

Contact us for more information or visit our website: ceflafinishing.com

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