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Guang Zhou ITTA Technology Co.,Ltd

ITTA leather cutting solution is highly adaptive with different types of cutting stations like CNC, die cutting presses, manual cutting. It is also able to manage well both off-line and in-line workflows. Their Leather Scanning and Nesting Machine can work 24x7 non-stoppedly, enabling high production efficiency. Automatic Leather Cutting Machine contains a proper achitecture, which is ITTA's patented technology, to ensure production stability and productivity. 

Shanghai Rocky Adhesives Co.,Ltd

Shanghai Rocky adhesive Co.,Ltd is one of the key high-tech enterprises in developing and manufacturing high-grade hot melt adhesives and water-based adhesives in China. No glue line EVA based hot melt edge banding adhesive is the innovative hot item. It is applicable in most edge banding machines, saving 30% coating amount while offering high bonding strength and well solving the problem of glue lines on plates and giving a perfect edge-banding effect. 

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Also, WMF is collaborating with local organizations in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam to organize several pre-show online business matching events. Each matching event is tailor-made based on buyers’ needs. By matching buyers with the appropriate exhibitors through 1-to-1 or group meeting, effectiveness can be maximized. For more information about online business matching,  visit our website and contact us for further discussion.

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