Быстро растущий рынок способствует развитию промышленного производства лазеров

Booming Market Needs to Drive the Development of Laser Industry

Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition (ITES 2021), Mar. 30 - Apr. 2, 2021 | Shenzhen China

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ITES - Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition will gather more than 300+ top-notched machine tool equipment manufacturers and solution providers onsite. This exhibition can provide leading laser sheet metal stamping technologies and digital solutions for tube/pipe processing in the fields of automotive, new energy, medical device, communication, 3C products, kitchen & home appliance, furniture, sheet metal OEM, etc.

Hall 6/8: Metal Forming Machine Tool Exhibition

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Sheet Metal Working Machines


Booth No.: 6-G01

Trumpf is the market & technology leader in machine tools and lasers for industrial manufacturing, and work with our innovations in almost every sector. Trumpf's software solutions pave the way to the Smart Factory, allowing companies to implement high-tech processes in industrial electronics.


Booth No.: 8-H01

Bystronic is a leading global provider of high-quality solutions for the sheet metal processing business. The focus lies on the automation of the complete material and data flow of the cutting and bending process chain. Bystronic’s portfolio includes laser cutting systems, press brakes, and associated automation and software solutions.

Han's Laser

Booth No.: 8-C01

Han's Laser has more than 200 machine models, including laser marking series, laser welding series, laser cutting series, sub-surface engraving series, laser display series, and so on. All these equipment have been widely used in the production of different products. Han's Laser is fully committed and devoted to enhancing their technology leadership in laser industry.


Booth No.: 8-L01

Yawei, one of China's leading enterprises in high-end sheet metal processing machine-tools industry, develops, manufactures, and sells high-end, smart and automatic products such as: CNC turret punching machines, CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutting machines, flexible cells and systems, automatic coil lines, and linear & horizontal multi-joint robots, etc.

Yangli Group

Booth No.: 8-B01

Yangli Group is dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of medium or high-level processing equipment and press lines for punching, shearing, bending, and laser cutting of metal plates. Its products are widely used in automobiles, home appliances, aviation, shipbuilding, new energy, hardware, electronics, electrical, and other production fields.


Booth No.: 8-R01

As the world’s outstanding shearing machine supplier, Accurshear has a very good reputation in the industry and has another name of High Accurate Shearing. Accurshear can get the same accuracy as the laser cutting and turret punching, and therefore becomes almost the only supplier for the industry of automobiles to meet their requirements of blank laser welding.

Laser & Metal Forming Machine Tools


Booth No.: 6-R01

In the fiber laser field, Raycus accumulates rich R&D experience and customer resources and boasts of a higher brand reputation, leading R&D and design capabilities, complete manufacturing technologies, strict quality control, and a comprehensive product system. It is an important laser supplier and solution provider in the global laser manufacturing and additive manufacturing.

Penta Laser

Booth No.: 6-G20

Penta Laser is a Sino-Italian joint venture which specializes in R&D and manufacturing of high power laser manufacturing equipment. The company fully introduces the advanced laser processing technology from Italy, the core parts are made of international famous brands, and it complies with European standards. The product performance is stable and reliable.

HSG Laser

Booth No.: 8-G01

HSG Laser currently has 6 series of plate cutting machines, plate & pipe integrated machines, pipe cutting machines, bending machines, welding machines, and automation equipment, totaling over 100 products. Its ultra-high-power laser cutting machine GV launched in 2019, the high-power plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine GHE, and other models have set off a storm of technological innovation in the industry and led the industry development vane.

Hymuson Laser

Booth No.: 6-M01

Hymson Laser is a leading supplier of automation systems for new energy automobile, consumer electronics and metal fabrication industries. Its product portfolio is particularly flexible and smart which enables it to provide a broad range of intelligent system options in the fields of laser cutting, drilling, marking, and other applications to address lithium battery manufacturing, sapphire and glasses processing, PCB & FPC processing, and metal sheet & tube processing.

Quick Laser

Booth No.: 6-H01

Quick Laser is a professional dedicated to laser complete sets of equipment R&D, production and sales of cutting-edge application manufacturers. At present, it has over 60 series of products and automation, including laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, etc., providing all-round application solution and equipment customization service for global manufacturing enterprises.

Glory Star

Booth No.: 6-B66

Glory Star is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales of laser equipment. It has 150 models in 8 product series, including metal laser cutting machines, laser marking machines, laser welding machines, bending machines, and laser application automation production lines, which are used in sheet metal processing, machining, etc.

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