Самые яркие новости об оборудовании для робототехники и автоматизации на выставке ITES в Шэньчжэне, Китай

Highlights of Robotics and Automation Equipment Exhibition

Shenzhen International Industrial Manufacturing Technology

and Equipment Exhibition (ITES 2021)

Mar. 30 - Apr. 2, 2021 | Shenzhen China

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About ITES China

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Based on ITES”s 22 years of experience in precision processing and intelligent manufacturing industry in South China, 2021 Shenzhen International Robotics and Automation Equipment Exhibition will be further upgraded, bringing together over 300 well-known robot, automation brands and solution providers from all over the world. Besides, covering an exhibition area of 60,000㎡, the exhibition will be dedicated to creating a one-stop solution exchange platform that can provide a series of intelligent transformation solutions for 3C products, electronics and automotive electronics manufacturing factories in South China. >>>Know More

Robotics and Automation Equipment Exhibition

Pavilion Layout

Hall 9: Control & Drive Technology Area

Hall 10: Mechanical Transmission and Equipment Area

Hall 12: Robotics & Automation Equipment Area

Featured Exhibitors

Booth No.: 9-R01

Company: Autonics

Products: The VG series (color type) vision sensors utilize images captured by the integrated industrial camera lenses to determine the target object's presence, color, size, shape, orientation, patterns, etc.

Booth No.: 9-M20

Company: Phoenix Contact

Products: The unique range of PCB terminal blocks includes metric pitches and pitches in inches from miniature PCB terminal blocks with 2.5 mm pitch to power-level terminals with 20 mm pitch.

Booth No.: 9-M01

Company: Sanyo Denki

Products: SANMOTION C is the motion controller that compatible with the EtherCAT, and can be used with reduced wiring. This frees users from complicated wiring and greatly reduces maintenance hours.

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Booth No.: 10-F63

Company: Xinxin Linear Precision Machinery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Products: ULS mini linear guide can easily reach the μm level feed and positioning, due to the low friction coefficient and high sensitivity of starting.

Booth No.: 10-D53

Company: KH Gears

Products: KH Gears’ new cobot harmonic reducer developed a design that the output end & the input end are on the same side of the gearbox, and the harmonic gear technology adopted has been patented.

Booth No.: 10-D01

Company: Qingdao Xiangyin Transmission Equipment Co., Ltd.

Products: CSK linear motor is ultra-thin, which has the characteristics of high thrust density and low cogging force. This series of linear motor composed of motor coils and magnetic tracks.

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Booth No.: 12-J01

Company: Siasun

Products: Siasun's industrial robots have been used in many fields. Its core parts of robots, including control systems, servo drives, servo motors, etc., are all independently developed and have a strong core software technology and algorithm.

Booth No.: 12-H26

Company: Rokae

Products: Rokae is committed to developing and innovating next-generation flexible robots, light-weight industrial robots, and high-end intelligent equipment for verticals such as auto parts, 3C, precision processing, medical care, and scientific research.

Booth No.: 12-H26

Company: Elite Robot

Products: There are 3 family members of CS-series, CS63 with 3kg payload, CS66 with 6kg payload and C612 with 12kg payload. Although each type has its specific operating range and accuracy, all these three types have high quality and reliability.

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