Cairo Woodshow – 2018

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4th Edition Cairo Woodshow

30 ноября – 3 декабря 2018г.
Египет, Каир

Cairo International Convention Center, Каир, Арабская республика Египет

North Africa’s Leading Platform for Wood and Woodworking Machinery

Главная Северо-Африканская платформа для демонстрации древесины и деревообрабатывающей техники.

Место проведения: Cairo International Convention Center, Каир, Арабская республика Египет

Под патронатом Министерства торговли и промышленности Египта.

Cairo WoodShow defines its own identity although following the WoodShow’s overall spirit and objectives, the show is speaking loudly for itself as one of the largest and most developed international exhibition in North Africa region for Wood & Woodworking Machinery industry.

It will continue to provide opportunities for business professionals not to just meet industry experts but also learn about the latest trends, technologies and products. Exhibitors will also have the open platform to sell and close business deals onsite. Visitors will enjoy the atmosphere that prevails and is similar to any leading international event and also forge valuable contacts to expand their scope of business.

Cairo WoodShow will be playing a fundamental role in further developing the market of wood and wood machinery industry in the heart of Cairo, the most vibrant market place and the capital of the North African commodities market. Do join the most dynamic business platform to reap the benefits from the experts of the wood and woodworking industry.

Тематика выставки:

- твердая и мягкая древесина

- деревообрабатывающие станки и инструмент

- напольные покрытия, клееная фанера

- МДФ, ламинат и доска

- поставщики древесины

- отделочные материалы и арматура

- краски, связующие, клеи

- материалы

- отделка интерьеров

-элементы и системы

- поверхности

- арматура

- полуфабрикаты и комплектующие

- обивочные материалы

- ткани

- услуги




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