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International Trade Fair of Machines and Tools for the Wood and Furniture Industries DREMA. Международная выставка станков и инструмента для деревообрабатывающей и мебельной промышленности

15-18 сентября 2020 г.
Польша, Познань

DREMA International Trade Fair of Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood and Furniture Industries is the most anticipated meeting for the wood and furniture industries in Poland and at the same time the largest supply centre for furniture manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe.

Events program

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DREMA fair thematic scope:

01 Machines and technical equipment for primary processing (production of semi-finished products)

01.01 Roundwood yard

01.01.01 Mobile log conveyors

01.01.02 Cranes for roundwood yards

01.01.03 Stationary conveying devices for roundwood yards

01.01.04 Storage systems for roundwood yards

01.01.05 Log sorting stations

01.01.06 Sprinkling systems for wet preservation of wood

01.01.07 Machinery and tools for debarking of roundwood

01.01.08 Rotating log reducers / butt end reducers

01.01.09 Cross-cut saws Mobile chain saws Stationary chain saws Cross-cut circular saws Cutting to length station with continuous feed

01.01.10 Plants for measuring and optimization of roundwood

01.01.11 Metal detectors and removers for roundwood

01.01.12 Tools for marking and labeling of roundwood and logs

01.02 Sawmilling technology (sawn timber production)

01.02.01 Log conversion and resawing machines Horizontal frame saws Vertical frame saws Log band saws, horizontal Log band saws, vertical Band resaws Multiple band saws Single arbour circular saws for roundwood Double arbour circular saws for roundwood Circular saws with freewheeling carriage for roundwood Circular saws for construction timber Chipper canters / profiling lines Chipper- / band saw combinations Chipless cutting machines for boards and laminated material Circular saws with carriage for resawing Circular resaws Single arbor edger / rip saw Double arbor edger / rip saw Combined vertical-horizontal circular saws Optimizing board edgers Cross-cutting saws Continuous trim saws Cross-cut saws with guide bar for timber packs

01.02.02 Equipment for transportation, sorting and stacking of sawn timber Timber sorting stations Conveyors for sawn timber (roller conveyors / tracks, cross-transfer units, etc.) Timber stacking and bundling stations

01.02.04 Mobile log saws Mobile log band saws Mobile log circular saws

01.03 Drying, steaming and impregnation of solid timber

01.03.01 Steaming plants

01.03.02 Kiln driers Heat and vent driers Vacuum driers Heat pump driers Driers for special processes (e.g. high frequency drying, micro wave drying)

01.03.03 Wood moisture measuring equipment Hand-held moisture meters Inline moisture meters

01.03.04 Kiln control equipment

01.03.05 Impregnating plants

01.04 Production of veneers

01.04.01 Steaming / cooking plants for veneer flitches

01.04.02 Specialised sawing machines for sawing of veneer logs

01.04.03 Flitch planers

01.04.04 Veneer slicers

01.04.05 Rotation slicers Stay log cutting machines

01.04.06 Veneer peelers

01.04.07 Centering and loading equipment

01.04.08 Staylog devices

01.04.09 Veneer reeling, sorting and offloading equipment

01.04.10 Conveying and storage equipment (magazines) for sliced and peeled veneers

01.04.11 Veneer dryers Belt dryers Roller dryers Press / ironing dryers

01.04.12 Inline wood moisture control equipment for veneer dryers

01.04.13 Veneer guillotines / clippers Sliced veneer guillotines Peeled veneer clippers

01.04.14 Devices / plants for measuring and labeling of veneers

01.04.15 Veneer bundling machines

01.05 Production of solid coating materials based on paper (laminates, films, etc.)

01.05.01 Lines for impregnating and coating of papers and tissue

01.05.02 Air flotation dryers for impregnated / coated papers

01.05.03 Resin blenders and proportioning devices / systems

01.05.04 Cycle presses for laminates (e.g. HPL)

01.05.05 Continuous-type presses for laminates (e.g. CPL)

01.05.06 Laminate and film cutting machines Laminate and film clippers Laminate and film cutting machines with roller shear knives

01.05.07 Systems for production data acquisition and quality monitoring for solid coating materials

01.06 Production of veneer plywood and laminated veneer lumber

01.06.01 Jointing machines for peeled veneer

01.06.02 Splicers for peeled veneer

01.06.03 Scarfing lines for peeled veneer

01.06.04 Core stock gluing machines (cutting to length, gluing, pressing, etc.)

01.06.05 Glue spreaders for veneers and boards

01.06.06 Block presses for plywood and laminated veneer lumber

01.06.07 Plywood presses for flat surfaces

01.06.09 Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport for plywood plants

01.06.10 Conveying and storage equipment for plywood plants

01.06.11 Systems for production data acquisition and quality monitoring for plywood plants

01.07 Production of particle board, fibre board and OSB

01.07.01 Crusher for waste wood, demolition wood, used wood products, etc.

01.07.02 Chipper and chipping mills

01.07.03 Flakers Long log flakers Flakers for industrial waste wood (slabs, offcuts, cantlings, etc.) Knife ring flakers for hogged wood

01.07.04 Hammermills, beating flakers

01.07.05 Grinders for shavings, flakes, sawdust, etc. (impact mills, sievering mills, etc.)

01.07.06 Cleaning plants for hogged wood

01.07.07 Conveying and storage equipment for hogged, wood chips, fibres, etc.

01.07.08 Refiners

01.07.09 Dryers for chips, fibres, strands

01.07.10 Sifting / screening equipment

01.07.11 Glue preparation and dosing equipment

01.07.12 Gluing and mixing equipment

01.07.13 Spreading and matforming systems

01.07.14 Belt scales

01.07.15 Moisturing equipment for chips and fibre mats

01.07.16 Presses Cycle pre-presses Continuous pre-presses Multi-daylight presses Single daylight presses Continuous-type presses Calender presses Panel edging machines Running cross-cut saws Cooling stations Sanding lines Panel dividing machines Warehousing, handling, commissioning equipment for panels Packaging equipment for panels Systems for production data acquisition and quality monitoring for particle board, fibre board and OSB plants Special equipment components for machinery and plants for particle boards, fibre boards and OSB production

01.07.26 Separating technology

01.08 Production of lightweight boards / sandwich elements

01.08.01 Machines for expanding and drying honeycombs

01.08.02 Machines for panel frames

01.08.03 Machines for core composition

01.08.04 Presses for lightweight boards/sandwich elements production

01.09 Production of contoured surfaces and mouldings

01.09.01 Presses for moulded parts of particles or fibres

01.09.02 Plywood presses for contoured surfaces and mouldings

01.09.03 Extruders Extrusion technology

02 Machines and technical equipment for secondary processing (laminating, machining, gluing of solid timber)

02.01 Veneer processing

02.01.01 Veneer ironing presses

02.01.02 Veneer cross-cutters

02.01.03 Veneer pack shears Single knife veneer pack shears Double knife veneer pack shears

02.01.04 Veneer strip sizing machines

02.01.05 Circular saws for veneer packs

02.01.06 Edge planing / cutting machines for veneer packs

02.01.07 Machines for glue application on veneer edges

02.01.08 Longitudinal veneer splicers

02.01.09 Cross-feed veneer splicers

02.01.10 End gluing machines

02.01.11 Machines and equipment for lengthwise joining of veneers (e.g. by means of finger joints)

02.01.12 Veneer patching machines

02.01.13 Equipment for measuring and optimizing of veneers

02.01.14 Luminous tables for veneer inspection

02.01.15 Veneer tenderizing machines (flexer)

02.02 Presses, laminating and profile wrapping machines for solid coating materials (veneering, laminating, film coating, etc.)

02.02.01 Brushing and cleaning machines for workpieces

02.02.02 Glue spreaders for boards / veneers

02.02.03 Mechanical feeding, storing and laying systems for coating materials

02.02.04 Cycle presses Hand-fed cycle presses Mechanised fed cycle presses / short-cycle presses Block cycle presses for laminating Cycle presses for laminating of moulded parts Membrane presses

02.02.05 Continuous press / laminating systems Double-band presses Foil roll-on lines / continuous surface laminating plants Continuous surface laminating plants with integrated edge-wrapping units Profile wrapping machines

02.02.06 Machines for the application of protective films

02.02.07 Gilding machines for hot application of gold foil

02.02.08 Aggregates for dividing and trimming of coated parts

02.02.09 Equipment for loading, offloading and conveying of laminated parts

02.02.10 Equipment for glue preparation, proportioning and transport

02.02.11 Fleece backing machines for veneer and synthetic coating material

02.03 Sawing machines for further processing of solid wood, wood-based panels and plastics

02.03.01 Undercut cross-cutting saws

02.03.02 Topcut cross-cutting saws Pendulum saws Radial arm saws

02.03.03 Optimizing cross-cutting saws

02.03.04 Single and double mitre saws

02.03.05 Multi-blade trimming circular saws

02.03.06 Single blade circular saws with moving saw unit

02.03.07 Single- and multi-blade circular saws for edging or ripping

02.03.08 Special sawing machines for thin saw kerfe Frame saws for thin saw kerfes Circular saws for thin saw kerfes

02.03.09 Table saws

02.03.10 Sliding table saws

02.03.11 Vertical panel saws

02.03.12 Horizontal panel saws with pressure beam Horizontal panel saws with pressure beam for longitudinal cuts Horizontal panel saws with pressure beam for cross cuts Horizontal panel saws with pressure beam for longitudinal and cross cuts (angular system)

02.03.13 Overhead panel saws (portal saws) for longitudinal and / or cross-cutting

02.03.14 Narrow band saws

02.03.15 Copying band saws

02.03.16 Jig saws

02.03.17 Notching saws

02.03.18 Sawing machines for building sites

02.03.19 CNC band saws

02.03.20 Double panel sizing circular sawing machines for parallel and / or squaring cuts, hand feed

02.03.21 Optimizing rip saws

02.04 Moulding and planing machines

02.05 Finger jointing technology

02.06 Tenoning machines

02.07 Profiling and sizing machines (trimming, length cutting, profiling, sanding, etc.)

02.08 Edge banding machines (edge banding, trimming, sanding, etc.)

02.09 Sizing and edge banding machines (sizing, profiling, edge banding, trimming, sanding, etc.)

02.10 Postforming machines

02.11 Folding systems

02.12 Machines for boring, dowel-driving and hardware inserting

02.13 Hardware recessing machines

02.14 Mortising machines

02.15 Turning machines

02.16 Sanding machines

02.17 Polishing and buffing machines

02.18 Forming machines

02.19 Combined machines (space-induced combinations)

02.20 Machining centres (stationary processing)

02.21 Manufacturing cells

02.22 Presses and equipment for gluing of solid timber components

02.23 Presses / clamps for corner joints

02.24 Punch presses

03 Machines and technical equipment for surface finishing

03.01 Coating with liquid materials (lacquering, etc.)

03.02 Surface finishing with solid materials

03.03 Machines and equipment for pyrography and / or marking

04 Machines and technical equipment for assembly, packaging

04.01 Assembly technology

04.02 Nailing, stapling and screw-setting machines

04.03 Packaging technology

05 Materials handling, warehousing and commissioning technology

05.01 Materials handling technology

05.02 Warehousing and commissioning technology

06 Robots technology

06.01 Robots for handling, feeding and palleting, etc.

06.02 Robots for joining and assembling

06.03 Robots for spraying, lacquering, etc

06.04 Robots for chipping processes (sanding, cutting, etc.

06.99 Robots; other

10 Machines and plants for special processes

10.01 Laser technology

10.02 High frequency technology

10.03 Microwave technology

10.04 Supersonic technology

10.06 Thermic smoothening

10.07 Water jet cutting

10.99 Special processes; other

11 Machines and plants for special product groups

11.01 Machines and plants for structural timber elements and timber construction

11.02 Machines and equipment for manufacturing solid timber boards

11.03 Machines and equipment for manufacturing rack furniture (chairs, tables, etc.)

11.04 Machines for manufacturing and treatment of wooden packaging (pallets, boxes, etc.)

11.05 Machines and equipment for manufacturing doors for furniture

11.06 Machines and equipment for manufacturing drawers

11.07 Machines and equipment for manufacturing picture frames and frames

11.08 Machines and equipment for manufacturing wood barrels

11.99 Machines and plants for different products

18 Auxiliary machines, equipment and devices; other

18.02 Stirring units

18.03 Weighing systems

18.04 Planing benches, working tables

18.05 Clamps

18.99 Auxiliary machines; other

19 Portable machines for processing of timber and plastics

19.01 Portable plastic shears

19.02 Portable keyhole saws

19.03 Portable band saws

19.04 Portable circular saws

19.05 Portable debarkers

19.06 Portable planers

19.07 Portable routers

19.08 Portable edge working machines

19.09 Portable boring machines

19.10 Portable chain mortisers

19.11 Portable chisel mortisers

19.12 Portable vibratory sanders

19.13 Portable belt sanders

19.14 Portable disc sanders

19.15 Portable nailers

19.16 Portable staplers

19.17 Portable powered screwdrivers

19.18 Portable glue spreaders

19.19 Portable spraying equipment (e.g. guns for lacquers / adhesives)

19.20 Portable veneer splicing equipment

19.21 Layed floor sanding machines

19.90 Cases for portable Machines, tools etc.

19.99 Special-purpose portable machines

20 Tools and auxiliaries

20.01 Machine cutting tools

20.02 Knives, turn blade knives, hogger segments, etc.

20.03 Tool clamping systems

20.04 Tool measuring and setting systems

20.05 Tool management systems

20.06 Sanding and buffing tools

20.07 Auxiliary equipment and spare parts for machine tools (e.g. clamping wedges, spacers, guide rings, sharpening devices)

20.08 Manual hand-held tools

20.09 Clamps and guides for tools

21 Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of tools

21.01 Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of machine tools

21.02 Machines, equipment and tools for maintenance and manufacturing of hand-held tools

22 Products for the equipment of machines

22.01 Drive systems

22.02 Machining units

22.03 Clamps and guides for workpieces

22.04 Mechanical operating and clamping elements for machines, devices and conveyors (handles, handwheels, knobs, etc.)

22.05 Operating supply items

22.99 Items of equipment; other

30 Use of residual wood (dust, chips, firewood, bark), generation of energy and heating using wood fuels

30.01 Preparation, transportation and storage of dust, chips, firewood, etc.

30.02 Generation of energy and heating using wood fuels

31 Energy saving, environmental protection, occupational safety, fire prevention and air conditioning

31.01 Energy saving

31.02 Safety technology

31.03 Environmental protection

31.04 Occupational safety

31.05 Fire protection and fighting, explosion protection

31.06 Air-conditioning technology

40 Electronic data acquisition and data processing equipment; measuring, testing and control systems

40.01 Electronic data acquisition and data processing equipment

40.02 Measuring, testing and control systems

80 Delivery of complete plants, financing and leasing companies

80.01 General contractors for the delivery of complete plants

80.02 Financing companies

80.03 Leasing companies

90 Independent computer software (CAD, ERP, production planning and control, etc.)

90.01 Independent software for saw mills and roundwood yards

90.02 Independent software for veneer and plywood production

90.03 Independent software for particle board, fibre board and OSB production

90.04 Independent software for veneer processing

90.05 Independent software for solid wood processing

90.06 Independent software for the furniture industry

90.07 Independent software for window construction

90.08 Independent software for timber construction

90.09 Independent software for the craft business

90.10 Independent software for stair construction

90.11 Independent software for the timber trade

90.50 Standard software for the wood industries (ERP, material management, personnel management , cost accounting, etc.)

90.99 Independent software; other

95 Independent services for the wood industries

95.01 Independent engineering and consulting services for the wood industries

95.02 Training services

95.03 Maintenance, repair, installation, de-installation, refurbishing and retrofitting of machines and plants

95.04 Associations

95.05 Fair organisations

95.99 Services; Rother

96 Research and testing institutes, educational institutions for the timber and woodworking industries (universities, technical colleges, etc.)

96.01 Educational institutions for the timber and woodworking industries

96.02 Research instititions for the timber and woodworking industries

96.03 Testing institutions for the timber and woodworking industries

97 Publishers of literature for the timber and woodworking industries

97.01 Technical journals for the timber and woodworking industries

97.02 Technical periodicals for the timber and woodworking industries

97.03 Technical books for the timber and woodworking industries

98 Paint shops

98.01 Handy lacquering equipment

98.02 Lacquering cabins

98.03 Lacquering lines

98.04 Lacquering walls

98.05 Others (please specify)

99 Glues for wood industry

100 Chemical substances

100.01 Dyes

100.02. Stains

100.03 Paints

100.04 Varnishes

100.05 Materials for furniture renovation

100.06 Oil varnishes

100.07 French polishes

100.08 Solvents

100.09 Fillers

100.10 Waxes

100.11 Others (please specify)




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