Manufacturing World Osaka – 2019

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Asia’s leading industry trade show

2 – 4 октября 2019г.
Япония, Осака

Manufacturing World Osaka is Asia’s leading industry trade show.

Categorized into 5 specialized shows, thousands of mechanical components, engineering design, subcontracting services, factory equipment, IT, AI/IoT, 3D printing, additive manufacturing solutions and comprehensive range of high quality products/services/technologies can be found under one roof.

Design Engineering & Manufacturing Solutions Expo (DMS)

Exhibit Profile:


CAD, CAM, PLM/PDM, BOM Management Systems, Drawing/Document Management Systems, Viewer, VM, Production Preparation Solutions, 3D Data Solutions, Plotters

CAE Zone

Structural Analysis, Mechanism Analysis, Thermal & Fluid Analysis, Casting Analysis, Resin Flow, Press Forming Simulation, Electromagnetic Simulation


VR/AR Systems, Smart Glasses, VR Gears, Motion Captures, VR/AR Contents Production, Head Mounted Displays, Simulation Production Tools

SCM/ERP/Production Management Systems Zone

SCM/ERP, Production Management Systems, Scheduling Systems, FA Systems, Project Management, WEB Procurement Systems, Technology Transfer Solutions

3D Measurement Zone

3D Measuring Equipment, 3D Digitizers, Measurement Services/Outsourcing, Other 3D Measurement Related Products

Design & Manufacturing Outsourcing Zone

Engineer Staffing, Design Outsourcing, Manufacturing Outsourcing, Analysis/Evaluation Outsourcing, Testing/Die-Making Outsourcing

Mechanical Components & Materials Technology Expo (M-Tech)

Exhibit Profile:

Motion Technology Fair

Bearings, Shafts, Changers/Reducers, Gear Wheels, Belts, Chains

Motors Fair

Motors, Drivers, Controllers

Compressors/Fluid Power Transmissions Fair

Hydraulics Equipment, Water Hydraulics Equipment, Seals, Pneumatics Equipment

Tube Components Fair

Pipes| Tubes | Joints | Valves | etc.

Mechanical Parts Fair

Hinges, Stays, Levers, Casters, Mechanical Parts & Related Products

Fasteners & Fastening Technology Fair

Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Rivets

Mechanical Springs Fair

Spring Forming Machines, Forming/Processing Technologies, Variety Springs

Processing Technology & Materials Fair

Machining/Cutting, Pressing, Forging, Casting, Die-Casting, Fabrication Technologies

Ultraprecision Processing/Microfabrication Fair

Fine/Ultraprecision Processing Technologies

Surface Treatment & Modification Fair

Plating, Surface Coating, Surface Treatment & Modification Technologies

Deburring & Surface Finishing Fair

Blasting Technologies, Barrel Finishing, Deburring & Surface Finishing Technologies/Equipment

Mechanical Parts Cleaning Fair

Washers, Cleaners, Driers, Water Treatment Technologies

Processing Machines & Machine Tools Fair

Hand Tools, Machine Tools (Injection Molding Machines, Metal/Resin Processing Machines, etc.)

Testing, Measuring, Sensors Fair

Testing Instrument/Equipment, Measuring Instrument/Equipment, Sensors, Measuring Technologies (Cameras/Encoders etc.)

Factory Facilities & Equipment Expo (FacTex)

Exhibit Profile:

Energy Saving Products Zone

Air-conditioning, Heat Insulation Coatings, Smart Energy Solutions, Lighting, Lighting Fixtures, Solar Batteries, Power Visualization

Logistics, Material Handling Equipment Zone

Logistics Equipment, Material Handling Equipment, Hand Tracks, Work Vehicles, Labor-saving Equipment, Transport Robots

Factory Facilities / Equipment Zone

Blowers, Coolers, Cleanroom Custody Materials, Packing, Storage Materials, Tapes, Cleaning Equipment/Cleaners, Driers, Heaters, Rotating Lamps, Indicating Lamps, Washing Machine/Detergent, Factory IT Solutions, Dust Collectors, Sprayers Gas Recovery Devices, Assembly Tables, Ladder, Oil Water, Chemical Disposer Cleaning Equipment, Sprayers, Working Tools, Stationeries, Recovery Equipment for Floating Oil, Robots

Maintenance Zone

Replacement Units and Parts, Adhesive, Repairing Materials, Non-Destructive Inspection, Measuring Inspection, Repair Work Services, Lubricant, Lubricating Oil, Maintenance Tools, Painting Materials

Safety/Disaster Prevention Equipment Zone

Working Clothes, Gloves, Shoes, Safety Fences, Shutters, Wildlife Harm Measures, Helmets, Industrial Glasses, Disaster Prevention Products

Industrial AI/IoT Expo

Exhibit Profile:

● AI Solutions

● IoT Platforms

● IoT Gateways

● Sensor Network & Devices

● Cloud Computing    

● Control Systems    

● Wearable Devices

● Network Modules & Devices

● Security

● Big Data Management

● Mobile Devices

● Data Centers

● Remote Control Systems

● Measuring Instruments, etc.

Advanced 3D Printing Expo

Exhibit Profile:

● Metal 3D Printing 

● Metal 3D Printing Materials

● Outsourcing 3D Printing

● Resin 3D Printing 

● Resin 3D Printing Materials

● 3D Data Solutions

● Molding Machines/Processing Machines

● Measuring Instruments/Measurement Machines

● Other Related Technologies




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